Our Story

We have developed this page into a FAQ type of layout to answer some of the burning questions you may have. If there is something specific you want to know, contact us on timslights@gmail.com or via Facebook.


What are we about?
Tim’s Lights are 100% focused on the community and providing a phenomenal experience for young and old while keeping the real meaning in the display, which is of course the Birth of Jesus Christ. This explains our tagline which you see on the top of our website – ‘The REAL meaning through lights’ and the hashtag #TheREALmeaning. Inclusive in the community atmosphere is Charity. The team are devoted to raising money for local causes through the annual display and visitors can be a massive part in this by leaving a small donation in the charity box at the front of the display or on our online donation. The thing to remember is that every donation counts, every penny makes a difference and every contribution is greatly appreciated by the Team and equally so, the charities themselves.

Where can we find you?
83 Armagh Road, Tandragee, BT62 2HS – visit the Locate Us page for more directions.
In 2016, our family decided to move house to a new location in Tandragee, about 20mins from our old location. The new location offered many benefits including allowing us to go even bigger and brighter with our display. This by no means is the end of our relationship with our supporters and sponsors – each and every person is still as welcome to our display.

Where did it all start?
Tim’s Lights began around 1999/2000 when the family purchased both a ‘Santa in Chimney Moulded Figure’ and a ‘Snowman Moulded Figure’, during the Christmas sales in a local Christmas shop. Little did they know that this would soon turn into a passion and hobby for their son with regular seasonal visits to the store as early as September.

What makes our display different?
Our display is different as it is mainly made up of our favourite types of lights, blow moulds, which are becoming more expensive to run, making them less common. Each house usually has one or two blow moulds as a traditional item but on our scale, displays such as ours are becoming more and more rare.
Our display also has a number of items we built ourselves; the large ‘mega’ tree, the star on the ‘mega’ tree, the 6 smaller ‘mini’ trees and our light up charity box and signs

How many lights do we currently own?
We currently own over 200 blow moulded figures/.
We also have at least 8 inflatable which appear on the display during the display depending on the weather as the harsh winter weather can damage them.
We also have quite an array of the traditional rope light silhouettes which we vary each year. Some of these are the traditional filament bulbs while the more recent purchases use LED technology.
There is then our DIY items which makes a visit to the display even more worthwhile.

How many bulbs are on the display?
The simple answer – thousands. Believe it or not, each rope light silhouette can have hundreds if not thousands of bulbs each – we have a santa climbing a ladder figure which easily has 400 bulbs plus each blow mould has one traditional screw in bulb (some larger figures have two), each inflatable has about 3-6 bulbs and the individual strings of LEDs lights which we use on our shrubs come in 50, 100, 200 and 400 bulb sets. Our mega tree alone has over 750 bulbs and to light all our mini trees requires 600 bulbs. It all adds up!

How did you get to this stage?
We have got to this stage by visiting a local Christmas shop you read about earlier although after it closed down we have purchased significant amounts of lights in the Christmas Sales and online. This has allowed us to make new relationships with current and former display owners and establish existing relationships. Our first blow moulds came from the local Christmas shop although since 2014 we shipped a lot of our blow moulds and inflatables from England including most of the nativity. In 2014 we even brought lights in made by a firm in China who we have a good relationship with.

Is the display expensive to run?
The display does not cost as much as people would expect and we view the electricity bill as our contribution to the charity and community and so never publish how much it costs. We are fortunate to have some very kind businesses in the area who have come on board and sponsored our display.

When did you first fundraise for charity?
We first fundraised in Christmas 2013 for a local charity called Charlene’s Project (you can read more about them in our ‘Charities’ page)

How much have you raised for charity?
For up to date totals of each year of our display we recommend you visit the appropriate year’s individual page on our website.

Why did you decide to add charity fundraising to the display?
We began to fundraise as we saw the lights as not only our hobby but also a way in which we could give back to the community and encourage others to do so too. The family have always been keen when it comes to fundraising and making the lights into a fundraiser was always our aim.

What is the dream for the future?
We want to continue to grow the display all while adding our own special touch but we don’t try to compete with other displays and never will. The only competitor is our own previous years display. We want to continue to spread the real meaning of the Christmas season which always has been and still is our core aim. We also want our display to grow into an even bigger community event which everyone enjoys and finally, we want to go on to raise as much as we can for great local causes.